MIFMuncher parses FrameMaker-generated MIF files to create reports for the formats used in the files. If you've ever wanted to get a list of all your paragraph formats, and the settings used in each, this tool does that. That's all it does, but it does it VERY well. I don't know of any other way to retrieve this information . If you do, please share!

Who makes it?

Written by Jerry Muelver, HyText Consulting

Where do I get it?

Here! It is attached to this page.

If your system does not have VBRUN300.DLL on it, or you are not sure if it does or not, download a .ZIP file that contains the .DLL file (also attached to this page). Read the README.TXT file provided with the MIFMuncher .ZIP file for instructions on where to copy the various files.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! It's free. It's also somewhat obsolete--not in what it does, but in terms of the life of the product. Jerry tells me he has lost the code and will not create a 32-bit version. All of you are welcome to use the 16-bit version provided here.

What platforms does it run on?

Windows only

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