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This list of STC Communities and their resources was compiled primarily by Lou Quillio. It was started in August 2006 and last updated in March 2007. The information is being moved to individual chapter and SIG index pages. If your chapter or SIG isn't listed here, the information has already been moved.

If you want to create the page for your chapter or SIG, click the link for the name of your community and follow the Instructions for Starting Community Pages so your page will be listed on the category page Communities pages. If your page doesn't show up in the categories, someone will add the needed markup.

[edit] STC Chapters

Student chapter Restricted Access

[edit] A - D

Web Site Feeds Mailing List Newsletter Job Board Region Code Location
Belgium Chapter Yes 2 BEL
Berkeley Chapter Yes Ragged Left 8 BKY
Birmingham Chapter Yes Technically Speaking 3 BIR
Boston Chapter Yes Boston Broadside 1 BO
California Polytechnic Institute Chapter (ST) Yes 8 CP
Cedarville University Chapter (ST) Yes 4 CC
Central Illinois Chapter Yes 4 CIL
Central Iowa Chapter Yes Perspectives 6 DES
Central Ohio Chapter Yes Techniquill 4 CO
Chicago Chapter Yes 4 CH
College Station Chapter (ST) Yes 5 TAM
Connecticut Chapter Yes Imprints 1 CT

[edit] E - K

Web Site Feeds Mailing List Newsletter Job Board Region Code Location
East Bay Chapter Yes Devil Mountain News 8 EB
East Carolina University Chapter (ST) 2 ECU
East Tennessee Chapter Yes Transcript 3 ET
Eastern Iowa Chapter Yes Lines 6 EI
Eastern Ontario Chapter Yes Stimulus Yes 1 EO
First Coast Chapter 3 FST
Four Lakes Chapter Yes Technicalities 6 FLK
Heartland Chapter Yes Plain Talk Yes 6 OMA
Huntsville/North Alabama Chapter Yes Pen & Brush 3 HA
Iowa State University Chapter (ST) 6 ISU
Israel Chapter Yes 2 IS
James Madison University Chapter (ST) The Watershed 2 JMU
James River Chapter Yes 2 JR
Kansas City Chapter 6 KC
Kentuckiana Chapter Yes Techniques 4 KY

[edit] L - N

Web Site Feeds Mailing List Newsletter Job Board Region Code Location
London Ontario Chapter (ST) 1 LON
Lone Star Chapter Yes Technically Write 5 LS
Long Island Chapter 1 LI
Los Angeles Chapter Yes Technograph 8 LA
Manitoba Chapter Yes Newsletter 6 MAN
Mercer University Chapter (ST) 3 MER
Metro Baltimore Chapter Yes Chesapeake bayline 2 MB
Metrolina Chapter Yes 2 MET
Metropolitan State University Chapter (ST) 6 MPS
Miami University Chapter (ST) 4 MIA
Michigan Tech Chapter (ST) 4 MTU
Middle Tennessee Chapter Yes Newsletters 3 MT
Mid-South Chapter Yes Newsbrief 3 MS
Mid-Valley Chapter 7 MV
Minnesota State, Mankato Chapter (ST) Yes Techniques 6 MSU
Missouri Western St. College Chapter (ST) 6 MWS
Montana Chapter 7 MNT
Montréal Chapter Yes Connections 1 MON
Netherlands Chapter Yes 2 NTH
New Jersey Chapter Yes The Information Turnpike Yes 1 NJ
New Jersey Institute of Technology Chapter (ST) 1 NJT
New Mexico Kachina Chapter Yes Tecolote Yes 5 NMK
New Mexico Tech. Chapter (ST) 5 NMI
New Zealand Chapter Yes 8 NZ
Nordic Chapter Yes 2 NOR
North Carolina State Chapter (ST) Yes 2 NCU
Northeast Ohio Chapter Yes Lines and Letters 4 NO
Northern Illinois University Chapter (ST) 4 NIU
Northern New England Chapter Yes Nor'easter Yes 1 NNE

[edit] O - R

Web Site Feeds Mailing List Newsletter Job Board Region Code Location
Oklahoma Chapter Yes The Dialog! 5 OK
Oklahoma State University Chapter (ST) Yes 5 OKU
Orlando Chapter Yes Tech Trends 3 ORL
Palm Beaches Chapter Yes The Wave 3 PB
Philadelphia Metro Chapter Yes Newsletter 1 PM
Phoenix Chapter Yes Rough Draft 5 PH
Piedmont Chapter 2 PD
Pittsburgh Chapter Yes Blue Pencil 4 PG
Quad Cities Chapter Yes The Bridge 6 QC
Republic of China Chapter 7 ROC
Rock Valley Chapter 4 RV
Rocky Mountain Chapter Yes Technicalities 7 RM
RPI / Jay R. Gould Chapter (ST) 1 RPI

[edit] S

Web Site Feeds Mailing List Newsletter Job Board Region Code Location
Sacramento Chapter Yes The Capital Letter 8 SAC
San Diego Chapter Yes Signature 8 SD
San Fernando Valley Chapter Yes Viewpoint 8 SFV
San Francisco Chapter Yes ActiveVoice 8 SF
San Gabriel Valley Chapter Yes Quill & Disk 8 SGV
San Luis Obispo Chapter Yes 8 SLO
Santa Barbara Chapter Yes The Shell 8 SNB
Silicon Valley Chapter Yes Connection 8 SV
Singapore Chapter Yes 7 SIN
Snake River Chapter Yes The Sidebar 7 SKR
South Carolina Foothills Chapter Yes Carolina Connection 3 SCF
South Carolina Lowcountry Chapter 3 SCL
South Carolina Midlands Chapter 3 SC
Southeastern Michigan Chapter Yes Yes TECHcomments 4 SM
Southern Arizona Chapter Yes The Border Line 5 SAZ
Southern Colorado Chapter Yes 7 SCO
Southern Nevada Chapter Yes 8 SN
Southwest Missouri State University Chapter (ST) Yes 6 SWM
Southwestern Ohio Chapter Yes Between the Lines 4 SWO
Southwestern Ontario Chapter Yes 1 SOC
SpaceTech Chapter Yes 3 SPC
St. Joseph Valley Chapter Yes The Watermark 4 SJ
Suncoast Chapter Yes WriteUp 3 SUN

[edit] T - Z

Web Site Feeds Mailing List Newsletter Job Board Region Code Location
Tech Valley Chapter Yes 1 TV -73.749160;42.650374
Tennessee Tech. Chapter (ST) 3 TNT
Tokyo Chapter Yes 7 TK
Toronto Chapter Yes Communication Times 1 TOR
TransAlpine Chapter Yes 2 TRA
Twin Cities Chapter Yes TechTalk 6 TC
U. of North Carolina-Charlotte Chapter (ST) 2 UNC
University of Washington Chapter (ST) Yes 7 UW
U. of Wisconsin, Stout Chapter (ST) 6 UWS
Vermont Chapter Yes 1 VT
Washington, DC Chapter Yes Capital Letter 2 WA
West Michigan Shores Chapter Yes 4 WMS
Willamette Valley Chapter Yes Galley 7 WV

[edit] STC SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

Restricted Access

Web Site Feeds Mailing List Newsletter Code
Canadian Issues SIG Yes
Consulting and Independent Contracting SIG Yes
Emerging Technologies SIG Yes
Illustrators and Visual Designers SIG Yes
Information Design and Architecture SIG Yes
Lone Writer SIG Yes Yes
Online SIG Yes OI
Policies and Procedures SIG Yes
Quality and Process Improvement SIG Yes
Scientific Communication SIG Yes
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